Seaforth Channel Incident

Incident Start Date
October 13, 2016 01:13

Current Date/Time
October 17, 2016 09:00

Seaforth Channel, approximately 11nm west of Bella Bella

Tug Nathan E. Stewart and Barge DBL 55 ran hard aground on the rocks at 10/13/16 (01:13 PDT) yesterday morning. The unit was located in Canadian Waters at 52.14.46N, 128.23.160W at the entrance to Sea Forth Channel. The tug remains aground on Athlone Island, approximately 11.5 miles from Bella Bella by water. The barge was empty of cargo and has since been moved to a safe anchorage, at the mouth of Dundavan Inlet. Water ingress has been detected in the number 2,3, and 5 void tanks; all other barge voids and all cargo compartments have been inspected and there is no sign of water ingress. The tug is aground in shallow water and is partially submerged (only the mast is showing) in 9 metres of water. After the incident it was reported that the 1Center, and 1Starboard fuel tanks were breached. The tug was loaded with 59,924 gallons of diesel fuel. Kirby was able to confirm that 6554 gallons of diesel fuel were pumped from the tug into tank 6 on the barge before the pumps failed due to water in the engine room. A manifest of additional liquids aboard at 90% capacity has been prepared, consisting of the following: 639 gals lube oil, 550 gals hydraulic oil, 550 gals gear oil, 969 gals dirty bilge. Tug is considered in a stable position; it is sitting on the bottom with a roughly 12* list to port, and is not currently moving in the swell.

• Ensure the safety of citizens and response personnel
• Control the source
• Secure the vessel and refloat/remove from the marine environment
• Maximize protection of environmentally-sensitive areas, prioritizing of sample collection
• Contain and recover spilled material
• Remove oil from impacted areas
• Recover and rehabilitate injured wildlife
• Manage coordinated response effort
• Keep the public & stakeholders informed of response activities
• Clear and consistent communication to the community
• Minimize economic impacts from the spill to the community and the environment
• Minimize local business interruption

Unified Command
Jim Guidry (Responsible Party Incident Commander)
William Housty (Heiltsuk On Scene Commander)
Jeff Brady (Canadian Coast Guard Federal Incident Commander)
John Kervel (BC Provincial On Scene Commander)


• Vessels have been instructed to make sure that any small boats launched check in with the BARTLETT to ensure they can be accounted for
• Communications are hoped to be improved with the installation of a portable UHF repeater today, goal is by 1700
WCMRC vessels are fitted with air monitoring resources and will report any safety concerns
• Contingency plans have been developed to shelter vessels in case of deteriorating weather
• Site Specific Safety Plan is being continuously developed and is to be followed by all responders
• Personal Protective Equipment stocks will be located on the MAR-ELL-MIST and the BARTLETT to ensure continued availability on scene; sorbent rolls will be available to limit contamination of vessel decks and to reduce slipping hazard
• A Decon Plan has been developed, and a vessel decontamination area is available at the GULF RIVAL

•Fisheries and Oceans Canada have put in place a fisheries closure for the area as of Friday
•For more information: Elysha Gordon 250-756-7192

• ICP is operating out of the Heiltsuk Nation Tribal Council chambers
• During Night Operations, ICP will be located onboard the TULLY, with contingency plans in place to reactivate the full Incident Management Team to Bella Bella in case of a release

• Staging Area has been established at Shearwater

• Canadian Coast Guard will be augmenting response and safety by cascading in vessels to plan for projected shift to night operations for hot tapping and lightering; TULLY is expected in the area this morning; VECTOR and the NORTH ROCK are mobilizing from Victoria and Prince Rupert, respectively
• WCMRC skimming vessel GM PENMAN is expected to be available for tasking in the area at 1200 today
• All planned booming strategies have been implemented within and at the mouth of Gale Channel; containment and protection booms are being tended as needed
• Contingency plans have been developed by Operations in order to immediately respond to any release during the hot tapping and pumping operations going forward, both during the day and at night; Lightering Plan, starting with hot-tapping, is only to commence with Unified Command approval that all elements of the contingency plan are in place and satisfactory
• Observations yesterday saw some amount of diesel surfacing from the tug, and some observed to have escaped containment booming during the high tide
• NASP overflight at 1330 observed light sheen within containment boom around tug, light sheen on south side of Seaforth Channel; data collected gives estimated volume of 7 litres on water (~2 gallons)
• NASP overflight at 1630 observed sheen escaping the containment boom around the tug, and sheen on south side of Seaforth Channel, some sheen around mouth of Gale Channel; data collected gives estimated volume of 54 litres on water (14 gallons)
• NASP overflights are planned for 1000 and 1600 today
• NASP representative in the ICP explained that volume estimates are calculated using a UV sensor which detects oil on the water and gives an area, and then trained technicians on the plane code the slick according to appearance, in order to calculate a minimum estimated volume observed; verification of actual oil amount spilled has not been confirmed
• Collection of sorbents will be ongoing today; crews will look to retrieve grounded sorbents, and some oiled debris that was observed
• Communications are to be coordinated to the ICP through the BARTLETT and the MAR-ELL-MIST
• Overflight assets include NASP aircraft, CCG helicopter and Kirby helicopter
o Overflight taskings will be coordinated through the ICP, and will be focusing on tactical operations support, observations, and supporting SCAT surveys
o Accountability flight to review the operating area was conducted yesterday and will be conducted end of day going forward
• Tug and barge are considered stable; all vents are plugged on the tug; hot tapping of the tug is planned to start today, hoping to start pumping fuel out on once Lightering Plan is approved, and a salvage plan is in development to follow once lightering is complete; plan is to remove the tug from the water with a crane and place it on a barge for transit; no repairs are to be attempted in the water; lightering plan is also in development to remove product from the damaged barge, then transit plan to remove from the area; Transport Canada will be assisting in salvage assessments of the tug and barge and will be approving any plans developed

• SCAT crews report no oil observed in segments surveyed today; areas surveyed today were the south entrance to Gale Channel, and within the lagoon in Gale Channel
• SCAT crews have commended participation between Heiltsuk, BC Parks, BC Ministry of Environment and Polaris in surveys
• SCAT crews have been focusing efforts within Gale Channel, and will proceed to north side of Seaforth Channel once surveys of Gale are complete; SCAT crews will work according to the SCAT Plan which is to be approved by Unified Command
• Polaris Applied Sciences has been hired to lead SCAT
o SCAT Teams will be comprised of at least:
 1 RP Representative
 1 Heiltsuk Representative
 1 Provincial Representative
• SCAT teams survey the area to collect geo-referenced data on shoreline oiling conditions in a systematic process, using standardized methods and terminology.
• The shoreline oiling surveys will be used to create shoreline treatment recommendations (STRs). These will direct how the cleanup operations will take place.

• Wildlife Hotline has been activated: 877-323-3985
• Operations crews have been instructed to report any wildlife sightings through the MAR-ELL-MIST for relay to the ICP
• Wildlife crews report no oiled wildlife observed yesterday; Wildlife crews will be following up with Heiltsuk Guardian Watchmen who have been monitoring area for oiled wildlife and have observed some wildlife in the spill area over the last few days
• Wildlife assessment teams will include representatives from Heiltsuk Nation
• Focus Wildlife has been contracted to lead Wildlife
• Public and responders are urged not to attempt to handle any oiled wildlife

• BC Ministry of Environment is cooperating with Heiltsuk Nation and being supported remotely by Environment Canada
• Environment Canada has been supporting contingency planning for hot tapping and pumping operations with trajectory modelling in case of a release
• BC Ministry of Environment is participating with Heiltsuk and Kirby to implement the Sampling Plan
• BC Ministry of Environment is developing a Waste Plan to support Operations

• Spill information website has been activated

Seaforth Channel Site Specific Forecast

Marine Weather Statement

Issued 3:48 AM PDT 17 October 2016
A frontal system will approach the offshore waters late Tuesday. Ahead of this system winds will rise to gale force southeasterly Tuesday evening over the offshore waters.

Central Coast Marine Forecast (Environment Canada)


Issued 04:00 AM PDT 17 October 2016
Today Tonight and Tuesday Wind southeast 15 to 25 knots diminishing to southeast 10 to 15 late this afternoon then increasing to southeast 15 to 20 Tuesday morning. Wind increasing to southeast 25 Tuesday evening.


Issued 04:00 AM PDT 17 October 2016
Today Tonight and Tuesday Seas 2 to 3 metres.


Issued 04:00 AM PDT 17 October 2016
Today Tonight and Tuesday A few showers.


Issued 04:00 AM PDT 17 October 2016
Wednesday Wind southeast 15 to 25 knots increasing to southeast 35 to 45 in the morning then becoming southeast 40 to 50 in the afternoon.
Thursday Wind south 15 to 25 knots.
Friday Wind southeast 25 to 35 knots.


No watches or warnings in effect.