Seaforth Channel Incident

Incident Start Date
October 13, 2016 01:13

Current Date/Time
October 30, 2016 08:00

Next Situation Report
October 30, 2016 – 1800 hours

Seaforth Channel, approximately 11nm west of Bella Bella

The Tug Nathan E. Stewart and Barge DBL 55 ran hard aground on the rocks at 10/13/16 (01:13 PDT). The unit was located in Canadian Waters at 52.14.46N, 128.23.160W at the entrance to Seaforth Channel. The tug remains aground on Athlone Island, approximately 15.5 nm from Bella Bella by water. The tug is aground in shallow water and is partially submerged.
**Volume estimates were updated as follows (on 28 Oct 2016):
The tug was loaded with 223,831 litres of diesel fuel. Kirby was able to confirm that 24,605 litres of diesel fuel were pumped from the tug into tank 3 port on the barge before the pumps failed due to water in the engine room. As of 24/10/16, 110,131 liters of an oil-water mixture has been pumped off of the vessel. At this time all tanks aboard the tug have been pumped off to a lightering vessel. Protective booming of the tug will remain in place throughout the salvage operation. Initial calculations based on volumes recovered are currently estimated at 101,104 litres of diesel and 4,883 litres of lubricants (lube oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, and spent lube) released to the environment. Further analysis of the composition of the recovered product will be required prior to a definitive number being released. ***

• Ensure the safety of public and response personnel
• Provide proper PPE to all Personnel
• Secure the vessel and refloat/remove from the marine environment
• Control the source
• Containment & collection during repositioning & lifting operation
• Maximize protection of environmentally-sensitive areas, prioritizing of sample collection
• Contain, Recover and Dispose of Spilled Material
• Remove oil from impacted areas
• Recover and rehabilitate impacted wildlife
• Manage coordinated response effort
• Keep the public & stakeholders informed of response activities
• Clear and consistent communication to the community
• Minimize economic impacts from the spill to the Heiltsuk community and the environment
• Minimize local business interruption
• Maintain focus on mitigating and assessing environmental damage

Unified Command
Jim Guidry (Responsible Party Incident Commander)
Jess Housty (Heiltsuk On Scene Commander)
Philip Murdock (Canadian Coast Guard Federal Incident Commander)
Pader Brach (BC Provincial On Scene Commander)


SAFETY (as of 0800 hours, 30/10/16)
• Safety inspections are being conducted for all vessels on the response
• Safety protocols remain in place – as stated on previous situation reports.
• Footing issues have been reported at the Bella Bella fuel docks. Personnel are advised to be aware of footing and areas that could cause slips, trips and falls.

• The fisheries closure for bivalve shellfish fisheries in the Seaforth Channel and Gale Passage remains in place.
• For more information contact: Elysha Gordon 250-756-7192

• The ICP continues to operate out of the Heiltsuk Nation Tribal Council chambers.

• Staging is available at the Bella Bella fuel dock and at Shearwater.
• On-water staging of equipment has been on barges around the response site


(CURRENT SITUATION as of 30/10/16, 0800 hours)
On Scene Safety
• NOTAM extended to 11th November 2016 at midnight (2500’ ceiling and 5nm radius around the casualty).
• CCGS Bartlett will provide on-scene coordination to all vessels in the field for the day, CCGS Tully will provide at night. Bartlett will leave on 31st (evening), Tully will take over 24 hour operations.
• The CCGS Tanu to provide safety support to vessels in the field.
• The CCGS Tully 2 is to transfer personnel between Bella Bella and the casualty site as needed.

Salvage Ops
• Prepare for blowdown on casualty, preparing chains for anchor setting
• Revising Salvage Plan with new timeline

Spill Response Ops – (*In the case of a spill the drone pilot will deploy a drone in the air with IR cameras to track the spill location for recovery*)
• GM Penman on scene for daytime skimming support as needed
• Remove disposal bags on shoreline near the casualty using helo support.
• 150’ damaged boom removed by boat from casualty
• 1047 Recycling team aboard Gulf Rival
• Boom around casualty replaced if damaged and repositioned for containment and deflection.

Air Operations
• 0830 Beach crew delivery flights using the A-STAR helo.
• 0830 UC Members overflight
• Observation overflights when possible (no set schedule)
• 1231 On scene with TSB investigator, requesting clearance for drone ops. Denied; advised of sling ops, directed to contact ICP for flight clearance.
• 1000hrs 8 1500hrs DASH 7 surveillance overflight scheduled
• Helo 212 – conducted VIP overflight
• 1600 beach crew extraction flights will began.
• 1730 accountability overflight.

(CURRENT SITUATION as of 30/10/16, 0800 hours)

SCAT – (SCAT teams have a mixed representation from Heiltsuk Nation, CCG, BC Ministry of Environment and Polaris with sampling by Cardno)
• PRE-SCAT surveys along Athlone Island on Milbanke Sound
• 1052 Fast Forward report oil sheen in Gale Passage 52 10.251 N 128 22.914 W; on-water ops advised.
• 1147 Report sheen S end of Gale Psg, 52 11.369’N 128 22.922’W; on-water ops advised
• 1053 Tasked to investigate oil sheen reported by Marley Danielle. 1153 Working on Marley Danielle sheens w Jetboat 130

• 1150 Report 2 humpbacks in Seaforth N side of channel.

• Species at risk relocation dive survey conducted for DB General Anchor lines/chains path and relocation of species at risk from casualty site.
• 0922 Divers in water, mouth of Gale Ck.
• 1018 Divers in water (1 Abigail, 2 Cefer-Raider).
• 1119 Abigail reports 2 SS divers from Cefer Raider still in water on surface air
• Sampling teams will gather tissue, sediment, vegetation and water samples in the following locations as needed: Gale Creek Proper East, Gale Creek Proper West, Dufferin Clam Beach, Gale Passage High Beach, Gale Passage Narrows, Troupe North, Troupe South, Gunboat, Gulcheck.
• BC Ministry of Environment continued to work with Heiltsuk Nation, supported by Environment Canada in the Environment Unit.
• Environment Canada (SSC) continued to support contingency planning for salvage operations with trajectory modeling in the event of a release and site specific weather forecasting.

• VIP Visits plan to arrive in Bella Bella today to meet with the Heiltsuk Nation:
 Minister of Department Fisheries and Ocean (DFO) Dominic Leblanc
 Commissioner of Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) Jody Thomas,
 DFO Chief of Staff Vince MacNeil
 Regional Director General DFO Pacific Region Rebecca Reid
 Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada Jody Wilson-Raybould
• Reporter from Bella Coola visiting, will meet with Heiltsuk
• Spill information website has been activated

Seaforth Channel Weather: – On scene update at 1400 hours (30/10/16)

Winds: E 5-10 kts
Sea: Light chop
Beaufort sea state: 2
Visibility: 10+ nm
Air temp: 15.4°C
Barometer: 1007.2 mbar, dropping slowly.
Skies: Overcast 6/8, no precipitation

Seaforth Channel Site Specific Forecast

Forecast Issue Time: 06:00 AM PDT 30/10/2016
Seaforth Channel Specific Synoptic Discussion

A weak low off the central coast will weaken early this morning. Another frontal system will approach the central coast Monday evening.

Issued 4:00 AM PDT 30 October 2016 – Today Tonight and Monday
At 4:00 a.m. PDT today dissipating low 1008 mb located over Queen Charlotte Sound.
At 4:00 p.m. PDT Monday approaching frontal system located west of Bowie.

Central Coast Marine Forecast (Environment Canada)


Issued 04:00 AM PDT 30 October 2016 – Today Tonight and Monday
Wind southeast 15 to 25 knots becoming south 15 late this morning then diminishing to light this afternoon. Wind increasing to northwest 10 to 20 this evening then diminishing to light Monday morning. Wind increasing to southeast 10 to 15 Monday afternoon and to southeast 20 to 30 Monday evening.


Issued 04:00 AM PDT 30 October 2016 – Today Tonight and Monday
Seas 2 to 3 metres subsiding to 2 near noon then building to 2 to 3 near noon Monday.


Issued 04:00 AM PDT 30 October 2016 – Today Tonight and Monday – A few showers ending early this morning.


Issued 4:01 AM PDT 30 October 2016
An approaching frontal system will cross the northern waters Monday night. Strong to gale force southeasterly winds will spread to the northern and central waters Monday evening ahead of the system.


Issued 04:00 AM PDT 30 October 2016
Tuesday – Wind southeast 25 to 35 knots diminishing to south 20 in the afternoon.
Wednesday – Wind south 20 knots increasing to southeast 30 to 40 late in the day.
Thursday – Wind southeast 30 to 40 knots.